Body Health

Optimize Your Body!

Would you like to have more energy & vitality? Be happier & more confident? Imagine what that would look like.


Practical Kinesiology assesses the structure of your body for any abnormalities, as well as any muscular changes associated with that. This includes cranial sutures, spine, hips and joints. We also have a look at neurological points and your digestive system. Your body doesn’t break down for ‘no reason’… there is always a ‘reason’. We can then find the 'root cause' and fix it, rather than simply chasing the symptom. The adjustments are ‘hands-on treatments’ utilizing correction techniques to restore and reset your body to maintain optimal health. Clients also have the option of assessing their bodies Internal Age/Aortic Stiffness through the i-Heart system. 

The Health and Wellness Report – focuses on achieving optimal health for clients who are pursuing general well-being. The Sports and Performance Report- is designed to provide nutrition and performance-related recommendations that will help fitness enthusiasts and athletes boost their physical and mental performance.

The PGX Report: This panel analyzes 425 markers involved in drug metabolism based on information from the individual’s genetic profile. Exploring these genedrug interactions allows your healthcare provider to have a more tailored approach to prescribing and minimize trial and error of medications that could potentially lead to adverse health outcomes. We will not provide any counselling with this report but will refer you to your doctor or pharmacist for review.