Your enthusiasm is definitely evident and the kids can see that. We had you at a tough time of day as we had had all our presentations in the morning, so they had been sitting a lot but I think they all learned something for sure! Thanks so much!

- Cori Thompson - Grade ⅚ teacher at Barons Elementary

Jennifer was extremely professional, supportive, and maintained high-levels of communication throughout the planning and implementation of the in-house meal service. We are extremely satisfied with the quality of the developed menu, supporting materials, and the overall services Jennifer has provided thus far.

The residents of our program have indicated increased satisfaction with the meals since making the shift to an in-house service. Designing a menu for the unique population we serve is a feat within itself. However, it is the supplementary functions she provided that made the transition from receiving catered meals to cooking on-site possible. I would strongly recommend that Jennifer Paterson be considered by other programs and/or facilities looking to implement a meal service or revamp their existing menus. The cleanly packaged plan she developed was able to be implemented with relative ease. This menu has resulted in increased meal satisfaction at a fraction of the former system’s cost.

Jennifer has demonstrated that she is timely, reasonably priced, and supportive. She has the skills and qualifications to produce a high-quality product which has greatly exceeded our expectations. In addition to her demonstrated capabilities, Jennifer appears to be very in-touch with both the opportunities and challenges faced by residential facilities and the licensing requirements they
are required to adhere to.

- Kale Hayes - program supervisor-River House - Family ties association

I was about to give up on working with a person. I was going to just rely on the internet for guidance and advice on how to lose weight. She quickly changed my mind by listening to what I said. She heard me, she challenged me, and she pushed me to do better. Jenn introduced me to a program called Nutrigenomix. It used DNA to let me know which foods I should be eating, and others I needed to stay away from. I trust Jenn, I listen to her, as she listens to me, and I appreciate her leadership and the ethical way she guides me forward.

- Dan Reynish - Anchor/productor/lineup editor, CHAT TV News

The students wanted to say thank you for today.

- Sarah McIntyre, Kindergarten/grade 1 teacher, Hub Virtual School

Thanks for the presentation! We really enjoyed it! I had many students come to me the next day and show off their healthy snacks!

- Angie Angle

Thank you so much for our field trip today. It was engaging and we learned so much! You are a natural teacher.

- Krista Bartman, Dr. Ken Sauer School

I went to Wes for an Acess Bars treatment and found it very benefical. I was feeling weighed down with mental fog, not sleeping well, anxiety and not being present in the moment. My session was 90 minutes, I relaxed on massage table covered with a blanket and my shoes off. Through the session, I could talk if I wanted, there was soft music playing and Wes giving me affirmations, or asking thought prevoking questions. He placed his fingertips on different areas of head, holding in place for different lengths of time. Through the process I would feel heat and cold on head and throughout my body. I also felt tingling in my feet and hands. When the session was over I was very relaxed and felt lighter. In the days that followed the treatment I have greater mental clarity, deeper sleep, no anxiety, more open minded and hopefull. I will definitely do another session and will recommend to friends and family. Thank you Wes for the great experience!

- Dawn Laubenstein

Wes is very good at what he does. Wes has fixed many of my stomach and neck problems. I’d be lost with him helping me. I definitely recommend Wes!

- Kelly Lonson

Two years with severe shoulder and neck pain from a accident, pain was drastically reduced within 4 treatments.

- Sheldon Beierbach

For several years I had been experiencing digestive issues, I had even been hospitalized in the past for this condition. With other holistic modalities I was able to manage my condition to the point where my specialist was able to discontinue my medication. I discovered Redcliff Kinesiology (Sedona North) at my local health expo, and booked an appointment out of curiosity. I soon came to realize that although it was true I was managing with other modalities, I truly was only managing. I wasn’t thriving. Education provided to me during my treatments allowed me to continue to optimize my body at home in between treatments. I didn’t realize the toll my condition had taken on my physical body, but also to a certain degree on my mental health. Over the years I didn’t realize I wasn’t feeling like my true authentic self. With my physical body now working at its best, I felt confident once again participating in activities I once loved so much. Kinesiology treatments are one of the fundamental tools I’ve implemented in my life that has allowed me to once again feel not only physically healthy, but it has brought me back to the fun loving goof-ball I’ve always been. It was curiosity that lead me to try something different, and book my first appointment. Had I known what I had to gain, I would have booked an appointment a lot sooner.

- Krista Lynn

I got happy news from the doctor this week! For the first time in 2 years, my ovarian cyst has actually shrunk in size! By 1 cm!!! I have tried it all! I had the surgery, it grew back, I was put on hormone pills, it didn't change anything. I then ventured to alternative healing through paleo eating, reiki, mindfulness, spirituality, crystals and essential oils, and even though I felt a bit better, my ovarian cyst didn't change size.

So what was different this time around? I started Kinesiology treatments through Wes Paterson at Redcliff Kinesiology (Sedona North)! 

In only 5 sessions in 6 weeks, my body is finally healing itself and it's showing!!! During my visits I learned so much about my body and how it reacts to external factors. Wes made me feel very comfortable and taught me so much.

I am very picky of who I add to the team of professionals who have helped me through this process of healing, and I am forever grateful that my path crossed with Wes and I started seeing results!

Thank you for helping my body heal Wes!!


- Mary J. Wright


Wes has & is a gift!!! ... and I am grateful to have had him help release the sciatica pain I had.


- Carly Thomas MacDonald


I would like to add a more stars to my rating if it was possible. I have done the Kinesiology and the Bars program with Wes. He has helped me get my health and life back on track. The Kinesiology has helped with my Lupus I’m no longer on medications and the Bars has helped me with my stress and relaxation and the clearing of my mind. Thank you Wes I don’t know what I would do without you!


- Darlene Moskal 


Highly recommend Redcliff Kinesiology (Sedona North) and Wes for his amazing services! He has contributed greatly to our health mentally and physically!
Thank you,


- Crystal Phillips and Family


Redcliff Kinesiology (Sedona North) has assisted our whole family’s health and wellness. Thank you for the great service and care!


- Tomi-lyn Berard


In 2017 I got very sick with a bacterial infection. I lost 40 pounds and was off of work for over a year. When the Doctors couldn't help me with anything other than steroids, that in hindsight would have made me worse, I knew I had to take the drastic matters of my health and overall well being into my own hands.


I traveled to England for a procedure and upon my return sought out different forms of alternative medicine that could be beneficial to my situation. I started with reflexology which was a little bit touch and go, it helped greatly but was almost too much for my body to handle as a generalized treatment at that time. Aside from overhauling my diet to a plant based, no processed foods and no sugar regimen I also began to do yoga daily.


This is what lead me to reading about Kinesiology adjustments. I had not always had the best of luck with chiropractors and was a touch wary but after my first meeting with Wes I felt at ease. Unfortunately there was a twist in my plans and I had to have gallbladder surgery shortly afterwards. After I was healed sufficiently enough I started regular treatments with Wes.


Kinesiology was different to me in the way that it addressed any overall single or several pin point issues that were affecting my body's functional ability and treated them directly through the proper adjustments. It gave me an overall better understanding of my body as a well maintained system of energy and allowed me to begin to heal. I have been seeing Wes for almost 9 months and the appointments have started to stretch farther apart with every issue. If I ever have an episode at work where I wrench myself out (because yes I have been well enough to return to work with the help of Kinesiology!) then I simply see Wes and within a couple of hours to a couple of days I am back to feeling better!


I still do yoga daily and eat a healthy diet but Kinesiology was one of the biggest pieces of my healing puzzle in this journey back to health. I am not 100% since having gotten sick, but I believe everything happens for a reason and if I had not gotten so sick I would not have completely overhauled how I take care of myself and look at my body as the amazing vessel it is! I also would not have found Kinesiology as the most efficient tool in addressing my body's issues when it is crying out for help! Wes has also helped me to have a different outlook on things as a whole which has really helped with my perception of myself and my health! I have recommended him countless times due to my success with the treatment.


Our bodies truly are incredible, and everyone can heal if given the chance... so why not help them be the best that they can be when things may not be operating on an optimal level. One adjustment could be mean all the difference, and you never know until you are open to try!


Thanks Wes for helping me to continue to heal and understand new things, you were a life changer!


- Kassy M.